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Stressing about the past and worrying about the future takes away the joy that can be felt in the present.  

Life is stressful. No matter our age, gender, title or lifestyle, we all have stress. The key to coping with stress in our lives is to learn how to deal with it. 

25 Fantastical Ways To Deal With Stress In A Modern World will help you do just that. Taking care of ourselves and managing our stress doesn’t have to be something that only happens in fairy tales or a fantasy world.

You can bring more magic into your life, reduce stress and create your own happiness each new day using the suggestions in this book.

You can be a shield maiden or a knight and slay your dragons. You don’t need to wait for your fairy godmother to wave a wand. 

You can create your own company of travelers to help you navigate life’s adventures.

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New Releases

My Life Balance Journal 12 Weeks To Living a Stress-free Life is a daily journal designed with you in mind.

Life is stressful and can be challenging for each of us. Learning new coping skills will enable you to manage stress more effectively. For the next 12 weeks, you will discover new coping skills that work best for you and how to identify your triggers.

Each week or two, choose a new skill to work on. Take 10 minutes every day to write or draw how you feel and how you are using these new tools to manage your stress. At the end of each week, evaluate the progress you are making. Remember to celebrate your wins – big and small.

You can create your best life by working on these skills a little bit every day. You’ve got this. Believe in yourself and know that you are loved. I have faith in you. I’m cheering you on!

Stress-free Yearly Planner front cover by Sharee Wanner

My Stress-free Yearly Planner is here! It’s fully customizable and helps relieve the stress of time management. It will empower you to organize your day, keep track of appointments, set goals, block out sections for special projects, build a vision board, create a bucket list, journal, plan events, and more. 

The layout and color scheme are calming and relaxing and there are monthly quotes to help you manage your stress. With this planner, it’s easy to achieve the work/life balance you’ve dreamed of and be a stress-free woman and time tracking master in no time.

Relieve Stress and Anxiety Through Art

For me, writing and creating art helps to relieve the stress and anxiety I’ve experienced while dealing with health issues and six surgeries in the last two and a half years. My body has been through a lot during that time. It can sure take a toll on your overall well-being. Remember, emotional and mental health and wellness are just as important as the physical.

Together we’ll discover easy ways to deal with stress ~ even when it’s hard.

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