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Beautifully woven and artfully crafted, I couldn’t put them down. In each of the novellas, I found myself freezing in Finland, in the thick of battle with Anna and Pete, and hoping that they would tell each other that they still love each other before it’s too late. 

~Escaping a forced engagement in England as Melissa and Thomas elope. When Melissa finds out he married her for her money, she’s not sure she wants to be Lady Melissa Burroughs, Countess of Oaksey. Does he even love her? 
~Feeling the devastating loss and great joy as Ethan loses his beloved Mary while giving birth to their beautiful daughter. Can he possibly love anyone again or is he cursed and will some tragedy befall Amelia as well? 
~Dreading the thought that the excitement she felt during their courtship may have been short lived, as Lucy enlists the help of her family to help Reed remember that it must continue after the “I do”. Will their plans work?
~Daring to venture in Bordeaux as Gina dreams of finding someone as wonderful and mysterious as the strangers she reads about in her romance novels. Could it be the tall dark figure on the balcony that will sweep her into his arms? Would her father approve?
 ~Hoping that fairy tales do come true in Venice for Evangeline. Treated as an outcast in her family and considered a spinster she finds solace in her painting. A chance encounter will change all of that and bring her stepfather’s true nature to light.

WAR OF HEARTS by Annette Lyon
GIFT OF LOVE by Michele Paige Holmes
A LESSON IN LOVE by Sarah M. Eden
AN OCEAN AWAY by Heather B. Moore
WHEN IN VENICE by Nancy Campbell Allen


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