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By Sharee Wanner
A phenomenon of nature, change is constantly upon us. It happens for most of us a little at a time; just as the leaves turn from green to yellow-green, to gold and then to red; changing a little bit each day. One tree can have leaves with several different colors all on the same branch! As the trees make their final change the leaves begin to fall to the ground. This change prepares the trees for winter, a rest of sorts, and then comes an awakening in the spring.

This doesn’t happen all at once. During the seemingly dormant winter phase, the trees are still getting moisture from the earth. Gradually tiny buds of leaves form on the trees and beautiful blossoms appear as each tree awakens.

There are trees, however, that don’t seem to have such visible and outward changes—the Evergreen tree. No matter the season, its needles are forever green; a constant through all the seasons of change.

Our lives often reflect the changes we see in nature. There are times when dramatic things and events occur in us, our families, our work, our beliefs and our education that are beautiful and colorful.

Some of us are confident in our knowledge of who we are and we stand out at the edge of life leading those who follow. Others are timid and shy and blend in with the landscape. We don’t discover their full beauty until we travel deeper into the forest.

No matter the season of life we may be in, there are times when we feel deep despair—like all of our beautiful leaves have fallen and we are left bare to be whipped around by the cold winds of winter. Sometimes we are like the tree with the very last leaf clinging with all its might to the branch; not wanting to let go because we are afraid of what change may bring.

We must remember that our lives can be renewed and blossom again after those disparaging times. Like the Evergreen is in nature, the Savior is our constant in this world of change. We must focus on His constant guidance; each day finding nourishment and strength in His well of living water. Then as we focus on His guidance and draw upon the strength that it gives us, we can participate in all the changes of life without fear—with the reassurance that life will be renewed.

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