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Jimmy Olsen is a skilled storyteller who has the ability to place the reader in each adventure with an eye-witness view. In Hero of Blind Pig Island he gives you a taste of what island life is like. He puts words together in just the right combination to grab your attention from the beginning. His characters experience a wide range of emotion in every story. My favorites were Denise, The Hero of Blind Pig Island, and Reservado.

Denise tells the story of a young woman learning to scuba dive. As she struggles and overcomes, she moves on and becomes an instructor herself. In the end she is taken by the sea, but leaves behind a lasting impression with the man who was her mentor.

The Hero of Blind Pig Island takes the reader on an adventure with a young boy and his grandfather as they face danger to defend their favorite fishing spot from tourists that won’t take no for an answer. His grandfather shows ingenuity and bravery as he devises a plan for them to deter the unwanted visitors.

Reservado puts us right in the middle of a stressful moment when their boat leaves Jack and Laura and the French tourists they were with to swim back to shore. In the course of the several mile swim an intense storm overtakes them. I found myself holding my breath with the rotten of every page and hoping that they would survive.

**Warning: Strong Language**


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