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I love the range of emotion that Julie has shared in The Newport Ladies Book Club’s first book of the series—Olivia! The ladies not only build lasting friendships, but they have intelligent and enlightening book discussions. Focusing on her desire to serve and eager to find out who she is, Olivia joins a ladies book club. True friendship grows and, in the dark times, her friends are a haven for her delicate emotions. She is able to share herself and her talents with her new-found friends. They in turn help Olivia through a very difficult time. She reaches out to her step-children, hoping they will have the answer to her husband’s withdrawal from her and their four children and his lack of desire, interest and love in their life together. Trying to hold and keep both “their” children and “his” children safe and feeling the love they deserve is a challenge. Olivia’s journey of self discovery helps her find the answers she is looking for and brings her family back together. I can’t wait to read the next book—Daisy. I am excited to see how the ladies in the club help and encourage one another through the challenges that come their way.http://thenewportladiesbookclub.blogspot.com/

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