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The Watchers: Flood and Fire
By Sharee Wanner
Waking up in a strange place, Auriella finds out she is now an immortal. Much time has passed however and she wonders what has happened to her beloved Azrael. With the help of Eva and the high druid, she trains to develop her powers so she can join him in their fight against the Rebellion.
Her first task is to find a fellow Neviahan and convince him he is one of them and to come back with her. She is admonished to keep him safe because the Rebellion wants him on their side so they can control his powers. The journey takes her on a treacherous path of self-discovery and deception.
All is not as it seems when she finds out the true character of a particular pirate. Can she put her trust in him after what he’s done? Will he join in her quest to overcome the evil of the Rebellion and be reunited with her beloved Azrael?

The skill and passion Deirdra possesses for her work left me excited to turn the page.


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