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Have you ever stopped to think that we never wish for things that we already have or are or don’t like about ourselves and our situation? “I wish I were fat.” “I wish I were poor.” “I wish I were in debt.” “I wish I were out of shape.” It’s always “I wish I were skinny like she is.” “I wish I were rich.” “I wish I were out of debt.” The problem with wishful thinking is that it’s just that – “wishful thinking”. I am realizing more and more that I need to stop wishing for things to be a certain way and do something about it. Like Spencer W. Kimball said, “JUST DO IT!” I also have decided that all the positive thinking in the world won’t make things change until I put positive actions to use along with it. I won’t be healthy unless I practice healthy habits. I won’t be thin unless I exercise and eat right. I won’t have my finances in order unless I follow sound money management principles. I won’t become an author unless I write on a daily basis and learn from those who are already published authors and do what they suggest needs to be done.
Because it is human nature–maybe it’s just the times we live in where everything is right here, right now, we have a tendency to want something for nothing or for very little effort.
Well I have decided that I am going to do better and be better today than I was yesterday. I am going to take life one day at a time and do the best I can today, this hour, this minute, this second. You’d be surprised at what you can accomplish in just 10 minutes. I love to sit and read. I could do it all day long, however other things in my life and home suffer if I just sit and read all day. I am going to focus on having a better balance of spiritual, physical, mental and emotional everyday.

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