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Becoming Free

I see you have another book coming out for electronic book format. How is writing for eBook different from a regular “paper” book?

Writing an eBook is the same as writing a paper book. In fact, I didn’t know that Becoming Free would be an eBook at first. But I’m excited for the new experience. I’m looking forward to promoting it.


What gave you the idea for this women’s self-help book?

My clients were the ones who inspired me to write Becoming Free. I learned so much from them and was so impressed by their hard work in therapy, I wanted to share their stories and their healing process with everyone.
How do you envision women use this book?


Understanding the concepts in this book can benefit all of us. The discussion on motivation and work ethic (First Section) is something I think we all need to review often. The chapters on understanding of self and communication (Second and Third Sections) are skills everyone uses daily. I love the last part (Fourth Section) on healing techniques. It a compilation of the most effective concepts and procedures I have gathered together over the years–methods that will lead us all to live a life full of peace and positive energy.

You can read the book straight through, but it’s really designed to create change by being used slowly over time to alter your habits and establish positive thinking skills. Enjoy! Happy Reading!

Here is the link to purchase from Amazon
Here is the link to purchase from Barnes and Noble


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