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Finding Sheba 
By H. B. Moore

Dr. Lyon has discovered who attempted to assassinate his dearest friend, the Coptic pope. Only a handful of his colleagues would know the importance of the knowledge he had. Realizing the gravity of his situation, he had to let them know of the deception he’d discovered.

Learning who she can trust is the first item of business for Jade, the young apprentice. She travels across the world to join Lucas Morel, an Egyptologist who wants to know what happened to Dr. Lyon as bad as she does.

The young woman paused. She knelt next to one of the fallen; too big to be a woman although dressed as one. She lifted the wig, but her worst fears were realized. It was her father, the king of Sheba, murdered in an ambush. Grief and sadness turn to anger as she vows to find out who did this and find the king’s ring – the ring of Sheba.

Heir to the throne, she is now Queen of Sheba. She must rely on her captain of the guard and maid servant to help her as this mantle falls upon her. After he saves her life, she is surprised and pleased at the feelings of her heart for him. Sadly, she tells herself it cannot be. She is the Queen and cannot marry for love. She must marry royalty. She travels to meet Solomon and her life takes a new course.

Omar is working deep undercover to find the clues that will lead to finding the Queen of Sheba’s tomb. What he doesn’t know is who’s behind the accidents that keep happening to block the way.
Weaving the story through centuries

A letter from Alem’s grandmother has a clue to aid him in finding the truth, but when he discovers an important artifact, he soon realizes there is no reward for doing so; only excruciating pain.

Mia is also working undercover, but she knows more than she can tell Omar. She is the best at what she does and will do what ever it takes to keep the Coptic Pope safe.

Jade and Lucas’ paths cross Mia, Omar and Alem – also hoping to discover the burial place of Sheba. Realizing the danger they are in, they form an alliance.

Finding Sheba is a thrilling and suspenseful love story woven between past and present. Although it’s a work of fiction, the story brought history to life as I accompanied Omar, Jade, Mia, Alem and Dr. Morel as they traveled through the desert to uncover the truth of what happened to the Queen of Sheba.


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