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First of all, switching blog platforms has been a monumental undertaking these past few months. I still don’t know everything, but it’s been fun learning all the nuances and how things all work together. Most noteworthy: Affiliates, SEO, logo and icon design, WordPress, Bluehost, Canva, and the list goes on.

Thanks to great training tools and my WordPress savvy son, I’m going in the right direction.

In addition, I’m super excited to have all of my paintings, photography, writing, reviews, DIY crafts and sewing projects all in one place! And as a result of learning so many new things, all of my blog posts from Sharee’s Sentiments are here also!

Secondly, I’m setting new goals for myself and my business. This year’s goals include a balance of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical goals. As I started the process, I came across the following tips and thought I’d share them with you.

Tips for setting goals:

S: Specific – Use complete sentences. Instead of, “I’m going to lose 25 pounds,” try, “By December 31, 2019, I will weigh 25 pounds less by exercising 6 days per week and making healthy food choices.”

M: Meaningful – We’re all different people. We have different opportunities to grow and are in different situations all over the world. What is important and meaningful to me, might not be as important to someone else. Be sure to take the time to assess what’s going to help you be a better person and then set goals around that.

A: Achievable – look at the things you want to accomplish and ask yourself, “Can I get this done in the time I’ve given myself?”

R: Relevant – What are your core values? Is this what I really want to accomplish? Is this really important to me? Setting a goal to be a world traveler when you don’t like flying wouldn’t be a relevant goal yet touring the east coast in the fall on a train may be perfect for you!

T: Time-bound – Without a date, your goal is only a wish or a dream.

E: Evaluate – taking the time to ask yourself if what you’re doing is working helps you prioritize and accomplish more.

R: Readjust – I think this one is my favorite part! By readjusting one or all of the above parts of the process, you’ll open the way to more growth and success that’s taylored just for you.

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