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Why I’m Like A Hummingbird

Have you ever felt like you’re flapping your wings and flying from flower to flower, drinking up delicious nectar but not feeling full or satisfied? You fly to another flower, then another and another trying to find just the right thing to satiate your hunger. Sure, lots of flowers are pollinated, because of you, but you still find yourself lacking something. I often repeat the process in yet another attempt at success and wonder why I’m like a hummingbird, flitting around from flower to flower with seemingly nothing to show for it.

This is me! I’ll have an idea for a story that wakes me up in the wee hours of the morning. So, I get out of bed, feverishly write down the words in my head and describe the images I see. I’ll run with the idea for a chapter or two. Sometimes, I’ll even get an entire outline of the story.

Then I’ll go about doing good. Things like taking care of my family, working at a full-time job, keeping up on the housework, and paying bills. Filling the remainder of my day studying the gospel, exercising, having surgeries, and other important responsibilities so I can have a balance in life.

And, before I know it, months, sometimes years, have passed by. I realize I haven’t had a second thought about my amazing story and the characters have been left to run amuck.

A New Idea Pops Into My Head

Then, out of the blue, another new idea wakes me up in the wee hours of the morning. So, I draw a picture of the images in my head. I describe the basic plot and a few pages of another adventure.

And just when I’m not looking, my daily adventures have pushed the ideas into the netherworld. My head is full of all the many good things that need to be done. I wake up and decide to work on developing my other talents.

My passion for art joins the party. I paint and create in oils, watercolor, acrylic, and pencil. I dream of getting that really cool digital art tablet.

And yep, you guessed it! Many months and years have passed again. I create amazing and not so amazing pieces of art in between my writing adventures and taking new writing courses (none of which I’ve completed) and art classes and sign up for a free video course to sell products online, create my website, pay for a blogging course, make vision boards, set goals, open an Etsy shop, and other wonderful plans.

Oh wow! Welcome to my life and thought process.

How To Move Forward As A Hummingbird

I realize it’s time to decide that I want to stop this madness and finish just one thing I’ve started. I’m going to pull out all of my stories and dust them off, put them in a bowl and pick one! Then finish it. Then another and another. One small step at a time.

And I’ll go through the same process with my writing courses – one at a time, of course, so I don’t feel overwhelmed and bail on my new plan. Please put the good vibes out there for me that I’ll be able to focus and stay the course.

My new goal for 2021 is to be a finisher and overcome my fears of being great. Here’s to finishing!


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