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April 1, 2020

Adding a few more silver wisps of hair is only part of the adventure I’ve had over the past few decades. I confess that I really love my black cherry hair color or the bronze and gold highlights in past selfies. Here’s a sneak peek of those silver wisps – haha.

There have been many experiences that make up my amazing life. No foolin’! All in all, I’d have to say they’ve been amazing! Reading books with my daddy; sitting on the kitchen table while momma ironed the sheets – I got to sprinkle the water on them. Barbecues, learning to play piano, flute, and guitar. Spending summer days at Grandpa’s cabin. Camping, fishing, and hiking with my fabulous husband and kids. Falling in love. Living in fantasy worlds. Going on adventures with elves and dwarves, dragons, and pretending to be wizards, knights, and princesses. 

Night Flight
An original acrylic painting by Sharee Wanner
© Through My Eyes By Sharee Wanner


Selling Kool-Aid with my friends. Playing the part of Doc in the neighborhood play of Sleeping Beauty. Taking swimming lessons; learning to ride a bike; target practice with Dad’s pellet gun. Developing a love and a talent for writing, drawing, and painting. Watching cartoons with my grownup kids, movie nights at home, chocolate, and so many more amazing things. 

I’ve been teased and made fun of because I was fat. I’ve suffered bouts of anxiety and depression and had extensive pity parties. I’ve struggled with being ok with who I am, and even as recently as yesterday, I gave in to low self-esteem and doubting my potential. Oh, and lest I forget, on more than one occasion, I’ve been a complete idiot. 

Through it all – the good and the bad and yes, even the ugly – I had braces twice, I know my Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, my family, and friends love me! ❤️ It’s high time I love me too and start doing what I was sent here to do and be the person I was meant to become and stop making excuses as to why I think I can’t or am not good enough!

So this is the year I’m taking care of me, becoming my best self, and finding answers to my questions – spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally that will help me be my best me! I love you all! ❤


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