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A Circle of Sisters
A Circle of Sisters includes an inspirational story by me – Sharee Wanner

L. Ron Hubbard once said, “If you want to write a story—Write it! The more time spent in planning it, thinking it over, the longer it is likely to be before the story gets written.”

Over the years, I’ve spent a long time planning, thinking, and going to writing conferences. Then I repeat the process – planning, thinking it over, and going to another conference or two. Sure, I write a bit in between to practice what I’ve learned before I take another class, but it’s been an awfully long time since I’ve been consistent with my writing.

One of my stories was started (outlined and everything) clear back in 2008. I worked on it for about three chapters. Then I let life move forward in new directions and the priority to write took a back seat.

Another awesome story idea would pop into my head or wake me up out of a dead sleep. So, I’d write it down and run with it for a chapter or two or three, and then there it would sit – waiting for me to open Word and revisit the adventure.

I’ve had many adventures and have continued to write in one form or another for work, but my love of writing and creating my own adventures was left unattended. I have had a story published in A Circle of Sisters, published a few online articles, written several children’s books, and started five fantasy novels. (By starting, I mean, written up to chapter three.)

My goal for 2020 has been to finish the projects including books that I’ve started and not start any new projects. I don’t know if you’ve heard of a hummingbird personality, but they’re the ones that like to go from flower to flower and taste the nectar of each one. We’ll that definitely describes me!

Having this personality makes it hard to stay involved long enough to focus on just one thing because they all look so good or fun or wow, I’d really like to try my hand at that! And it can be super frustrating when I need to finish all of the other things I’ve started.

Recently, I was told that I’ve learned enough. Now I just need to do it! Write! Finish the book just for me! That person also told me that I have infinite potential.

That being said, I’m shifting my focus a bit and I’m traveling on the “write” road. I can’t wait to see where it takes me!

I’m working on query letters for my children’s books which include picture books and concept books. Then I’ll be needing a list of publishers accepting submissions. While all of that’s going on, I’ll be writing every day and develop the long-lost habit of consistency that’s been missing from my life.

I’m going to face my fears and fresh courage take so I can realize that infinite potential! Do you have any unfinished projects, goals, or dreams that need to be rekindled?


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